How To Start Earning From YouTube 2018

SANAN SALEEM: How to start earning from YouTube is the one of most famous question that I often get, starting a YouTube channel is the most simple and fun way to make money with zero percent investment, according to a research YouTube is the most used search engine in the world including Google search itself. In 2015 channel named (Felix Kjellberg) has grossed 12 Million $ in 1 years with over 40 Million Subscribers and 2nd highest grossing channel in YouTube is Benny and Rafi fine which has grossed 8.5 Million $ in one year with 13 Million Subscribers. According to the average estimate, you can make 5$ to 10$ per 1000 views.

Depending on how much success you are, you can make a bunch of money (depending on the subscribers of your channel).

You can also hear lots of daily new success stories, people making their youtube career.

Suitable For:

This is the best for the people who love to create videos and generate new video content on regular basis, love to talk in front of the camera and create short films and preferably own a video cam but not necessary.

Skills required:

Ability to edit videos from your computer with any of the video editing software you prefer (MAGIX MOVIE EDIT PRO is one of the software that you can use for video editing)

Time Required:

Not much time is required in this process, you just need to create a YouTube channel and then upload your videos in it.


  • Create Google account, if you have already account on google then you are fine.
  • Create YouTube channel account by signing up for your Google account.
  • Choose a theme on which you are going to create a video, don’t use any random theme that is been already used on the YouTube repeatedly.
  • Try to choose the theme of which most people are searching for.
  • After you have chosen the theme on which you are going to create a video then you had to search for video content and try to have unique content which wasn’t anyone else’s property, it will help you build your brand.
  •  Now it’s time to upload your first video.
  • Next, you have to get in touch with your viewers (audience), the best way to get their feedback is to read their comments and take them as feedback so that you can enhance yourself in the next video.
  • It’s not one day job, you had to perform experiments on experiments until you get what you came here for.
  • By the way, you can also check in with other experienced YouTuber’s that how they are doing and what you are missing so far.
  • Have Fun Guys. Hopefully, you will be successful YouTuber’s one day. J

How to Monetize:

  • You have to enable the monetize button by going into settings of your YouTube channel dashboard.
  • The simplest way to Monetize your channel is to increase your views on the videos and increase the subscriber’s list, in this way as your views will be increasing same your earning’s will be increasing.


  • You will be earning as well as having fun if you are one of kind who likes to create video’s and generate new contents.
  • YouTube is owned by Google so you will get what you earn. There is no option for fraud or anything else.
  • You can emerge yourself as one of the social media celebrity.



  • It’s not one day job, you have to do experiments over experiment to reach a point where you want to be as a YouTuber.
  • You will sometime be getting very harsh comments from your audience, but you have to use those negative feedback as your way to get to the top by removing those obstacles one step at a time.

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